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Lau Consulting wrote the book on digital halftoning and now provides expert consulting services to the trade. With years of doctoral level research experience, we provide custom solutions to problems involving digital printing, image quality assessment, data acquisition and automation, as well as general purpose signal and image processing. Our work has been featured in numerous industry magazines and has lead to several awarded patents and patent applications.
Forensics, biometrics, image processing, high throughput screening, pharmaceutical anticounterfeiting, integral lens arrays, medical imaging, lenticular screening, senior member IEEE, structured light, real-time video processing, opengl shader language programming, Qt, embedded linux, ICC profiling, color science, green-noise, profession engineer, dither array design, machine vision, laser profiling, 3D sensing, computer vision, halftoning, SIMD programming, computer automation, multispectral imaging, fingerprint scanning.
Why pay for custom software development rather than settle for off-the-shelf? Because custom software solves your problems while commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products solve someone else’s. Custom software development can also be significantly less expensive than you think. Lau Consulting employs years of research and development experience to identify and implement the best possible solution. For companies looking for a technological edge, we can be just the right partners.
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Lau Consulting Inc.

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